1 Dollar DVDs

This is a special listing of films I viewed after DVD dumpster-diving at my local Dollar Store.  They are largely obscure titles, and rightfully so.  They have a special place among the schlock I’ve exposed myself to over the years.  All the synopses are from the back of the DVD case. Here they are, condensed for your pleasure:

Assassin (1986)

“A retired agent from an intelligence agency is contracted by the government to stop an ultra-secret cyborg who is killing the nation’s top officials. The challenge he faces is that the cyborg appears to be life-like, and is an efficient and invulnerable killer.”

Bailout (1989)

“A sleazy bail bondsmen [sic] thinks he has finally gotten his big break when a millionaire heiress (Linda Blair) gets busted with drug dealers.  If she shows up in court, it could mean a million dollars to him. If she doesn’t, he could be ruined. When the deal gets too complicated, he hires a playboy bounty hunter (David Hasselhoff) to keep an eye on his investment. But who is going to keep an eye on him?”

Black Gestapo, The (1975)

“A general forms an inner-city People’s Army to try and ease the misery of the citizens of Watts.”

Black Water Gold (1970)

“A scuba bum joins a marine archeologist and a Mexican historian in a race to reach a treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon, ahead of a well-armed dilettante and his associates.”

Black Brigade (1970)

“A redneck officer is put in charge of a squad of black troops charged with taking an important bridge from the Nazis.”

Commandos (1967)

“During World War II, Captain Valley hand picks a select group of American commandos to carry out a secret mission. In opposition to the plan is commando leader Sergeant Sullivan, who in the past lost an entire platoon on a similar exercise, and considers the captains’ [sic] plan nothing short of a suicide mission. As the battle is engaged, tensions between Valley and Sullivan escalate to the breaking point. ‘Commandos’ explores the tragedies of war as well as the physical and emotional scars left on the soldiers who fight them.”

Cuba Crossing (1980)

“A group of mercenaries are off to Cuba to assassinate Fidel Castro and overthrow his regime. Along the way, things get very difficult. Robert Vaughan plays a career CIA agent who wants revenge for the Bay of Pigs massacre. Stuart Whitman is a charter boat captain who wants only to play in the sun and stay drunk–until his son gets kidnapped.”

Dog Day (1984)

“A ruthless fugitive on the run from the law and carrying several million dollars, hides out in the home of a farm family. The tables soon turn, when the family becomes more criminally depraved that he is, and begins to terrorize him instead of the other way around. Lee Marvin is at his best playing the classic tough guy in this non-stop action thriller.”

Enforcer, The (1976)

“This obscure gem revolves around Joe Pesci’s mob character, who is a hothead that starts a war with another mob over an unpaid $400.00 loan.  While this is Pesci’s first film, it was also one of his greatest performances.”

Giant Gila Monster, The (1959)

“A small town in Texas finds itself under attack from a hungry fifty-foot long Gila Monster.  No longer content to forage in the desert, the giant lizard begins to chomp on motorists and train passengers before descending upon the town itself. Only a quick-thinking teenager can save the town from being wiped out.”

Horror Express (1972)

“An English anthropologist has discovered a frozen monster in the frozen wastelands of Manchuria, which he believes may be the missing link. He brings the creature back to Europe aboard a trans-Siberian express, but during the trip, the monster thaws out with horrific results.”

Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1988)

“At night, baby-face Laura dresses up as a vamp and lets random guys at bars pick her up, just to drug and rob them later. But then someone starts stalking her, and a person close to her is killed.”

Klansman, The (1974)

“An FBI Agent goes undercover in the Ku Klux Klan.”

Night of the Sharks (1987)

“Treat Williams stars as a man on the run from the mob for stealing their diamonds.  The mob boss somehow finds out he lives in a small coastal Mexican town, and sends a few goons to get him.  He also sends his ex-wife to convince him to give up the gems.  None of these plans are effective, as the mobsters are fooled and beaten up by Williams, or eaten by sharks.”

Project: Kill (1976)

“A secret CIA project, designed to program assassinations with pills and injections, is in jeopardy due to the defection of one of it’s key men to the other side. The mission: bring him back dead or alive.”

Slipstream (1989)

“A bounty hunter battles cops in a future world where Earth has been devastated by man’s pollution and giant winds rule the planet.”

Someone Behind the Door (1971)

“A neurosurgeon with a cheating wife takes an amnesiac into his home and conditions him to believe that the cheating wife is his own, and to take the “appropriate” action.”

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965)

“In the year 2020, a cosmonaut orbits the planet Venus, while two astronauts and a robot journey on the surface. The explorers are unfortunately attracted to the prehistoric beasts in residence, and ultimately lose their robot in a volcanic eruption that engulfs the planet.”

Warriors of the Wasteland (1982)

“Two Mercenaries join forces to help wandering post apocalyptic caravans fight off evil bikers.”

3 responses

4 08 2011

They all look so wonderful (in the worst kind of way)…

17 10 2011
The Hook

Great list! You’re providing a valuable service to Mankind, young man!
Okay, maybe not a valuable service, but you get the point.

17 10 2011
Aaron Babcock

Haha, thank you!

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