26 09 2012

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Street Law is a 1970’s Italian “Eurocrime” film starring Franco Nero and Barbara Bach.  Eurocrime films have often been classified as little more than Italian Death Wish clones, but this is an unfair dismissal.  While its true that the success of films like Dirty Harry and Death Wish was at the heart of the mentality behind these low-budget, European crime films, directors like Enzo G. Castellari took their films to a level beyond a cheap vehicle to cash in and created unique films of their own which are different enough in style to make them more than knock-offs.  The grim, crime-ridden streets of Death Wish are not merely transplanted to 1970’s Italy, but transformed in the process.  Italy was dealing with a lingering wartime legacy, political incompetence (or outright corruption), and crime on an unprecedented scale.  In other words, there was genuine discontent and anxiety over the unchecked spread of criminality informing films…

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26 09 2012

This isn’t a half-bad little crime flick, but I’ll take Castellari’s post-apocalyptic stuff over his eurocrime any day. It’s got plenty of kick-ass action, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as flat-out brutal as some of, say Fulci’s eurocrime stuff, even if the “plot” is, ultimately, just as threadbare.

26 09 2012

And I should add — while the “struggling with one’s conscience in the wake of pursuing and/or getting revenge” certainly sets this flick apart from the likes of “Dirty Harry” and “Death Wish,” it was pretty much swiped completely from Jack Hill’s “Coffy,” which actually handled the same theme with a lot more subtlety.

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